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The 2018 ASAC Open Boulder is held at Het Lab in Amsterdam. Participation in this yearly competition is for more than just eternal glory: our shared love of bouldering!

If you enjoy looking at boulder problems until your head cracks, watching other people try, fall, and try again, or just like to hang out with a bunch of friendly climbers, the open boulder competition is for you! No experience or gear needed, even first-time boulderers are sure to have a lot of fun trying every route that catches their eye. You can also test your luck at some of the side-events! It promises to be a fun and relaxing day for anyone to participate.

Head over to the registration page and sign up today!
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November 24th, walk-in from 10:30, qualifiers can be climbed until 15:00, finals start at 16:00! After the finals we have a dinner and an award ceremony at 18:00, stick around for a beer after!


Het Lab Amsterdam
Transformatorweg 32
1014 AJ Amsterdam
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Dinner has all been given out, you can still come over and order something of the Lab’s menu though!

Participation: €10
Just hanging out and watching: €0