Amsterdamse Studenten Alpen Club »  8-10 March: Fiesta in Freyr

Fiesta in Freyr 💃🏼

Los gezelligitos, ¿dónde está genietos?


It’s time for a nice little BIVAKantie in one of ASAC’s all time favorite climbing area’s: Freyr!!

You’ll be climbing on the rocks of Freyr & Pont-à-Lesse & at night there might be a lovely campfire to sing, dance and shake out your fingers!

Deadline:  26 Feb 23:59
Departure: 8 March 18:00
Return: 10 March 23:00
Sign-up: is commming sooooon
Location: Freyr & Pont-à-Lesse 
Expected number of participants: 20
Price: OZK €53 / ZK €45

With OVS, you are an independant climber (ZK) here.

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