Amsterdamse Studenten Alpen Club » 25, 26 July – Back to the Rocks


We can finally go and climb in Belgium, with less restrictions on the camping site and with shared cars.

Since this weekend is planned to happen very very soon, the subscription time is rather short, so hurry up! The location as well will be announced later, but to give a chance for the most eager ones to sign up and have more time to ponder over whether or not to join, here it is: no more or less than an ASAC weekend during the mid-summer!


While the subscription for this weekend is closed now, it felt nice to make this page worth reading by providing the following information.

This area is known not only as a beautiful climbing area by the Meuse (Maas) but for another 2 Wikipedia-worthy notions:
– its name, Marche-les-Dames, comes from a monastery that was founded by spouses of the Namur crusaders. Those women whose husbands never returned remained there as nuns.
– an unfortunate tragedy occurred there in 1934 when Belgian king Albert I, a rock-climber and alpinist, had a fatal accident while alone on the rocks.



Deadline: 20 July

Subscribe: here

Location: Beez

Deelnemers: 12

Price: OZK 52€, ZK 41€

Je bent in dit gebied zelfstandig als je OVS hebt. – With OVS, you are an independent climber in this destination.

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