Amsterdamse Studenten Alpen Club » Bericht December


We know some of you were very unhappy when you heard that the ASAC OPEN had to be cancelled and while the committee was downhearted they did not give up so easily! Together with USC we have organised a competition using the Toplogger app. For the entire month of December you will be able to join a competition at USC. Just like an advent calendar USC will keep adding routes during the whole month. There will be four categories in the competition and for each category there will be prizes! Special zones will be added to each route so you can keep perfect track of your scores and your competitors. However when you don’t like competition, you will also be able to join and keep track of your own progress during the month and there might even be a chance that you win one of our special lottery prizes. For more information go to the asac site or follow one of the QR-codes on the posters at USC. You will need to subscribe to join this event. A subscription link for the event and the rules can be found at the asac website: